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SEO (search engine optimization) is the term that is used to describe the process of optimizing search engines. It is the term used to describe the massive expansion of the site and its progress to the top spots in the search results. A definitiAon for SEO of the site can be defined in a different way , which isfor instance the way it brings users to the site as well as a strategy to influence users on the site to achieve top position in search results. The problem is for why it is crucial to rank at the top of the results. This is answered by stats of search engines that are based on commercial queries, i.e. searches that demonstrate the desire for users to purchase something. The traffic generated, 95% of the results are at the very first result page and 60 to 80 percent in the third line. Any business owner is delighted to draw the attention of his company (brand or item) and it is essential to take every step to ensure that you are an outstanding performer in the results of a search.


The various elements of SEO

There are many ways to draw new customers through the Internet. This includes targeting social media as well as contextual ads that are a cooperation with blogger, many others. Each one of these strategies is successful when there isn’t an cash flow issue and you are looking to gain your first clients (buyers) quickly as possible. But, you’ll confront the disadvantages. The desired effect will only be sustained for the time that you must pay for the particular instrument. Once the account has run out of funds, you should cease advertising. Modern SEO-optimization is no longer than just the inclusion of keywords in the text or to the creation of links , as it was just a decade back. It is more precise and precise.


The present day SEO-related advertising is comprised of fundamental components such like:


Continuously monitoring the changes in the algorithms used by search engines to rank , and making adjustments to accommodate the modifications;


Monitoring the relevance of the search engine. It is crucial to be aware of when the keywords and phrases being used on your site, causing it to decrease in popularity with people who use search engines, and to change the direction of your search engine optimization


The development of a semantic base and regular expansion of relevant queries


Internal optimization of technical aspects that improves the site’s code and navigation, enhancing the quality of the site and speeding the loading process;


External optimization is the act of providing a website external optimization, which means, it is providing a web site. The hyperlinks that link to the site are purchased through various platforms in order to attract more attention to it from search engines.


Monitoring the activities of visitors on the website, and prompt responses to any negative indicators;


Evaluation of the results and the ways they can be utilized in order to improve the strategy and increase the effectiveness of marketing.


It is vital to keep in mind that SEO experts don’t know exactly what formulas are used in the algorithms used by search engines to determine the order of their results page. They are however conscious of the most significant elements and the fundamental concepts they are aware of. Usability (usability of the user interface) and the accessibility, as well as the functionality and quality of mobile apps as well as the speed of downloading and user behavior These are the elements that directly affect the positioning of the website in relation to the possibility of the possibility of extradition. The capability to optimize the site for mobile phones as well as other devices is crucial to be noted because desktop traffic is declining as compared to mobile. When a website is designed to be mobile-friendly, it is an avenue for the webmasters to bring it at the top of the search results. This is based around 800 variables.


The origins of SEO

When you consider the evolution of this method of marketing, you’ll see it is slowly becoming a cumbersome tool to high-tech tools for determining the points of impact. The process of optimizing SEO has been through the following phases:


Prior to 1998, the initial stage. Promotion of the site was accomplished with the spam-key. Nowadays modern age, with the advancement of technology for promotion, this method seems “dirty”. When search engines first came out was widespread and contained phrases as “kettle to purchase Saratov” and “buy refrigerator” were the commonplace. Moscow. This has changed.


1998-2009 , which was the time that saw the beginning of PageRank. Google utilized its algorithm from 1998 in order to determine the place of a site in search results by the number of websites linking to it is able to get across the internet. The algorithm was, however, not flawless. The one that spent the most on purchasing links was put in the top position of the indexes of search engines;


Since 2009, SEO is a major issue and is the one that requires the highest attention. SEO engines have declared the battle against links and introducing ranking factors. Due to algorithm updates and modifications the need for a website to be able to buy links and get leads. The necessity for top-quality content and well-thought-out structures for websites have been stressed.

In 2016, the most well-known search engines introduced a range of algorithms for ranking. Webmasters are aware that they must continuously determine what keywords are most relevant. They also need to make the website to be more user-friendly and load it with top-quality information, while also working to optimize the code and improving the appearance of the site.


The speed at which things the evolution of SEO could be an argument to think that it’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest information regarding SEO marketing. That’s how to ensure effective and effective marketing.


SEO’s Principles

As was mentioned earlier, SEO optimization has two principal elements: external and internal. It is vital that both are properly thought of for success in marketing.


Internal optimization

In the course of the execution of this component of SEO improves the overall performance of the website and , consequently, is capable of ranking higher in search results. To boost the internal optimization of a website, you need to take the following actions:


Select the ones that are appropriate to be used in the promotion of your resource’s keywords. Create the semantic kernel that is the basis of your resource;


Make corrections to technical issues for example, in the codes, to speed up downloads and eliminate dead pages


Make sure that the images are optimized on your website to ensure that your pages load quickly.


Increase accessibility of users (usability). Webmasters often fail to consider the importance of optimizing. Today, having quick and simple to create websites isn’t enough. You must consider the comfort of users as well as the style. Particularly, it’s suggested that buttons aren’t too circular and angular. Research has shown that those with round buttons more likely to click on them, which is a key aspect in converting


Enhance the layout of the site includes (make an outline outline for website);


Linking (with links to websites linking to the original);


Working on title, description and headings format in H1-H6 format.


There’s a little-known. Images for use for websites may be enhanced with Photoshop tools. Choose “Save to Web” from the menu. This allows you to tackle two problems at once:


the weight and size the image will carry will be reduced;


Color scheme correction , enhanced color scheme correction as well as enhanced display on the screen.


External (link) optimization

The past was when this process was simply a way to accumulate links , but now it is a thorough and advanced process making use of new tools compatible with the needs of a the search engine. The process has not changed much other than the goal to increase the mass of links. In the context where an external optimization is carried out:


Information that could be useful to people is prepared before being put up. The information will be distributed and increase the number of hyperlinks via the Internet;


The site is registered in special directories. When choosing these directories, it is suggested to select directories which aren’t crowded, and relevant to the subject;


Links are part of Media Web 2.0. The platforms offer users the chance to publish their own content. The content is typically created by them. For example, Yandex.Zen, Wikipedia, TJ and;


The resource is continuously promoted through various forums and blogs.


If you are following the above steps and analyze the way in which different sources are promoted. This analysis should be done each month.


SEO optimization techniques

In the case of SEO , you are able to use white, gray as well as black techniques. It’s a somewhat speculation claim, because if you do not adhere to the white strategy, the search engines may recognize the act as black optimization and punish the person who committed the offense. The law does not allow deceit, and consequently, ethical SEO marketers and professionals are to adhere to the rules search engines adhere to. They use legitimate methods of making websites that are “right” websites, and do not violate established guidelines.


Optimization in white.

This includes improving the website’s appearance, usability, as well as the quality of the content. The white count and the optimization is achieved by making the website available in various press releases and reviews. The most crucial element that is fair and ethical advertising involves the ability to adapt the content for mobile devices, as there is significant shifts regarding the proportion of desktop and mobile searches, favouring the desktop search traffic. The changes aren’t necessarily linked to the algorithms employed by search engines, which is the reason that the average user doesn’t even notice the modifications. The user is simply seeing the site as filled with top-quality information that is easy to navigate and doesn’t have any fear of being disqualified when he arrives.




Gray optimize

In this case, the optimization process is already utilizing various methods. The words on the site is engraved with specially selected keywords that are able to be searched by potential customers. The queries may not be the appearance of being natural, and therefore the copywriter has to craft the most natural language that is appealing to readers. This is why it’s crucial to adhere to the strict guidelines for the ratio between the keyword and the overall dimension the text. Techniques such as putting keywords into alt H1 and meta description, H1 titles meta description, and so on are used. These methods are not endorsed from search engine crawlers. There are no consequences for these actions So don’t worry about it. It is essential not to use too much grey optimization. If you’re interested in understanding these techniques, you can adhere to these rules:


Pick the best answer to the most crucial concerns. It is vital to ensure that they are medium and very low-frequency (up to 10000 per month);

Verify that the copywriter is competent in writing quality content, that’s in line with the necessary proportion between keywords and overall content. The content must be unique and not filled with academic absurdity.


Do not let the text to transform into an unintentional text of keywords that will be repeated over and over. The spiders of search engines will notice the issue quickly. The phrases such as “buy microwave Peter” which appear in the text are not accurate and show that you’re been cheating.


Black SEO

This kind of SEO is completely unconstitutional and search engines could be severely sanctioned for doing it. One example of black-marketing can be seen in the development of websites-dorwebs which are created to optimize a particular request so that it will be shown at the top of search results. Another option is to cloak and the goal of this is to display the machine of one resource and users of the other resource that has completely different content. The most destructive and risky method is illegally stealing the resources of another. Hackers put up many links on their website. Black optimization can also involve the creation sites that are satellites. There are numerous small websites with links to the source which are promoted.


The practical side of SEO

Based on the general theory, in terms of the theory, we have resolved the problem It’s time to implement it. In this article, we’ll talk about how to optimize the performance that your website’s search engine for your website, and how to effectively monitor the SEO experts’ work, and the most effective strategies that you can employ.


Picking an SEO specialist

If you’re looking for someone to handle the advertising for your site, first be aware that this job must be managed by a team of experts or an expert. There are many methods to find the most suitable person and coordinate the cooperation. A lot of companies choose to make an opportunity in the search for the position of an SEO specialist and then employ the individual in the role of an employee. This is usually carried out by managers who concentrate on their own objectives and do not think about the wider perspective of the company. The reason behind this is that an all-time worker is primarily focused on the his own behalf, which is given for him by the manager. However, there are lots of negative implications with this sort of arrangement.


It is essential to spend in a lot of money to keep an SEO expert on the team. In Moscow the median salary for a specialist is around 100 000 rubles. If you’re employed in a different city you’ll pay less, but there’s an opportunity to lose an expert who might find jobs in Moscow or work remotely. If you’re in this situation, it is possible to put off working in the office.


Additionally, the contributions to Pension Fund, compulsory health insurance Pension Fund, compulsory health insurance, etc. will increase by 30% the total cost.


A full-time employee has to furnish their workplace with the latest equipment that allow fitness in the gym as well as food, and other “kovrizka.


When the SEO employees is employed at the State, they have the right to paid sick and vacation leave.


This suggests hiring an SEO expert on staff could benefit only an established business in which costs associated with content isn’t an unsustainable expense. If you operate a business on a smaller scale, it is best to choose one of these options. If you have a task that is simple, you can avail one of the independent contractors. They will manage the selection of relevant frequency questions and create the documents and put these on the keys. If you require a full professional service, make contact with the agency. They usually are competent to manage SEO marketing in a more complicated way and cost significantly less as hiring an SEO expert. The cost of good search engine optimization service in Moscow is around 45000 rubles. Every monththis will be lower costly than traditional marketing techniques.


The process for monitoring optimization

When determining the quantity of work required and choosing an SEO, you need be sure to inform him that the achievement of the work will be recorded. Establish a schedule for reporting on work completed (once every week or once a month) and be sure to go over the outcomes. To determine whether the work was done was done by an SEO to assess whether the SEO which was efficient and efficient, adhere to these guidelines:


Be aware of changes in the position of web pages with respect to the most significant requirements in the fundamental semantics. They may not be immediately moved to the top of the list but the announcement will be clear;


If properly designed the effect of traffic generated organically can be greatly enhanced;


Check the reference in the mass. It is best to are able to access your cabinet on the exchange from which you bought links. This will help assure that the links you purchased are still in use and are always in existence;


It is also crucial to monitor the visibility of your site in search engines. This is the measurement of the volume of queries to which search engines can respond to and the result displays your website. You can use Rush Analytics or Serpstat for this.


To find these indicators, you are able to request information from the SEO specialist to whom you’ve given the task. If your site has been improved by an agency, the report’s requirements are set out in the contract.


To assist you in directing your employees, we’ll discover some words commonly used to guide SEO experts. Consider indicators like the severity of academic illness as well as the novelty proportion of keywords. Therefore, we’ll talk about these topics.


Academic nausea is the level of keyword saturation in your text. This test reveals the authenticity of your content as well as optimizing it for the most relevant search terms. To test it, go to the website The number of times you feel nausea shouldn’t exceed 9 percent..


Originality. Its percentage demonstrates how unique your content is. The most effective index should never be less than 90 .


The percentage of keys. The words that are frequently used must not exceed the number of words specified (the maximum limit is 5 percent). To determine the percentage of this ratio, divide the frequency of repetition by the number of words that are used in the text. Then, multiplied by 100 percent.


Another suggestion is to check for errors in the text (spelling grammar or semantic). There are tools for this task using


Bonus SEO Tips

When we finish the history of SEO it is crucial to keep in mind the techniques employed by the professionals who optimize. There aren’t many people who have mastered these techniques, so there isn’t any opposition.


Content-based points. When promoting a website via Google isn’t an easy task and you don’t have other options, reach out to the authorities accountable for extradition. Make your account with YouTube or establish a business on a social media website. They are indexed to search engines, in a manner that is similar to websites and have the best chance of rising to the top of the list. They aim to show at least one hyperlink to a social media site in the first page of a search on the internet.


You can extend the life of your domain’s existence up to three years. This increases the trust that search engines have in your site.


Include the address of your company on the map that are provided by search engines. Search engines promote their services, and this is a great strategy to utilize.


Incorporate a search term in your URL. It is recommended to do this if the URL is used for the search.


Make a privacy statement available on your site. A privacy statement shows that you care about the rights of your users.


There are a variety of such techniques. Certain of them may have a major impact in marketing, while other are not as effective. Be aware of any changes that search engines, and then talk to your professional.


To summarize

A tool for marketing such as SEO is extremely effective. Although the positive impact of its use might not be evident immediately however, over time, you’ll be able to see it evolving every year. SEO marketing as it develops gives webmasters as well as businesses with more benefits and advantages. There is a strong relationship with SEO as well as search engine optimization. If there’s one and the other.





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