“The term “copywriter” is now a bit embarrassing, but it’s not possible to be an editor without having that knowledge.”



Timur’s story: He changed from engineering to PR following when he was bored with the writing process and was offered a job as an editor at two of his favorite companies.

From the PR through the punching machine to the punching machine and

How did you first get involved in writing and editing in the the in the first place?


In the 1990s, when my studies were in Philology I dreamed of becoming a “crier” in the time when they were cool guys wearing glasses and were the creators of ads. We were reading Pelevin and were smuggled around by Beigbeder and looked at posters advertising “Ad Night”-but or was it impossible to connect to internet access Internet and the video quality was such that it was almost impossible to view commercials.


Then , in Chelyabinsk the city had an advertising agency named “Paramon” and I decided to join them. I made an application that including the phone number of the dorm (this is the method of communication with non-residents) and handed in my application to the secretary at their reception desk. It was impossible to expect them to take me on, and there openings and I made my choice based upon luck, luck, and chance.. my application, I wrote that I knew nothing of advertising , but I know how to grow pateysoons and zucchinis in open fields;) When I was 20, I was of the opinion that “casserole” was hilarious and the joke was absurd, however it was a possibility to break through the wall of ignorance. But, it did not succeed. as there was no contact to the reception desk of the hostel.


After a while my brother and other colleagues from a nearby university were inspired to start an independent student newspaper. I couldn’t resist the chance and became the editor. I was a graduate The Philological Faculty. It was a lot of fun as well as thrilling. performed proofreading in the evening prior to printing, and distributed documents to universities across the nation. Along with our partners. We offered readers tickets to the theater and to films.

Then I joined the Army. When I returned , we took the decision to transform this student-run newspaper into a business. You’re fools! We set it up as an outlet for media, and then made up a color layout and printed it out on A3 sheets. Then , I asked my parents to bring me raincoats -we needed them to have it to present ourselves- and then returned to the various Chelyabinsk offices. Everyone was keen to read the first edition before giving us money. It didn’t work for the newspaper.

You were required to look for employment opportunities?


I was looking for an opportunity that would work with my dream of achieving an Media business magnate. It was the result that I was given a position in Journalism department due to two instructors who had worked with me from the department of Philology. My job title was identified in the form of “head of the laboratory for media information technology” In fact, I was actually the department’s of sysadmin. was also a teacher for a brief duration.


I had no knowledge of computers. However, after two months I was able to comprehend the basics of computers. I also began to explore Linux alongside FreeBSD. There was a shortage of money and I was required to write articles. For example in the life magazine “Mission” which was where my classmate worked. From time to time she would present me heros in interviews.


My wife in 2009 contacted me to help me to help her find an opportunity to work (we were not connected to Internet at home, however my internet was). I started to look up on the internet, and discovered an open position at Paramon as well. They were looking for an author to write a blog that would focus on the dining experience. I thought “Why not step into the same river twice?” and I submitted my resume. While I only had a handful of publications and a few publications, it was due to an underlying reason that they chose to take me on. We decided to let me go within two weeks after I’d completed my work at the university.

The following day, I attended Paramon I apologized to my accounting company and gave her an assortment of chocolates. I explained to me that I couldn’t exchange my university degrees for restaurant jobs. Even when it would be nearly twice my earnings. Within two months I was contacted by the Director of Development of “Paramon” and informed me that they had an opening in PR and would like to hire me. That is, the salary is more appealing and so would the responsibility.

What was it exactly that you did in Paramon?


I was required to write a lot of texts schedule important events, and organize public relations across thirty cities (the headquarters of the company was located in Chelyabinsk) and to establish connections with franchisees. Franchisees were private corporations and I was not able to issue any instructions to their PR , I could not do so. I had to work on my soft abilities and convince managers that I was someone they could have confidence in, and also needed to be able to influence the actions from their staff. Paramon was fun – and the abilities were pretty well-developed, too.


Was there something that made you feel uneasy?


When I became a Krishnaite and my philosophically-minded work became a non-essential task I was working on which included spas awards for restaurants, spas and drinking culture consumption or consumption of meat.


My son was installing cameras for surveillance, computers and computer networks and security alarms. Then , a massive request came from him: the installation of networks via the state’s program in 5 city hospitals. He advised me to change jobs and as you notice, I was contemplating the possibility of switching jobs.

So, have you gone from a professional in public relations to an engineer?


Yes. However, our business didn’t expand internationally. In order to expand our company, we needed to invest between 60 to 100 million dollars to combat the massive federal agencies. This was the reality of our business. We had a lot of success and an entire staff, but we were constantly picking at the challenge of tackling our own egos. My wife was able to convince me to move to St. Petersburg, where she discovered a love for the city.

The family business became a burden during the 4th year it was in existence. I wasn’t ready to take on the burden of my brother. He also grew tired within three years however, he was not comfortable with my approach. For the next six years of fighting, against each other from the professional arena, and we both failed to recognize as fools. Don’t make the same mistake twice 🙂


In December, I loaded my belongings into the car and drove to Peter I was hoping to land an opportunity to work and to live with my wife in the near future.

Concerning the return of editing , and the latest 100 rejections

When you relocated to Peter did you choose to work as engineer or did you change to editing?


I started looking for jobs in the field of editing or marketer. My applications didn’t get rejected however they were simply rejected. I created five templates for cover letters, that I later adapted to particular businesses and three CVs.

What do you think you made out of it?


I visited the library to read. Following that I was handed an advertisement for a copywriting workshop at Skillbox I borrowed the book and started eating the stones. Alexander Amzin and Dmitry Kolodin as teachers of the class led me to a class. I’ve been learning Alexander for quite some time from the time of the first printings “Internet news” Journalism. The book was an iconic text which hundreds of copywriters and journalists learnt to write with. It’s more valuable than that of the Maxim Ilyakhov book “Write, Shrink”.


The primary objective of this course wasn’t to acquire new knowledge, but to evaluate my skills and an instruction for my instructors to assist me in identifying areas of improvement and to aid me with my professional job. After making my low-voltage device, kept up with industry trends and occasionally worked on small-scale projects. I also volunteering as an author. That is, I tried to keep up.


You had a desire to be an editor, but you attended an online course in copywriting. What’s wrong with that?


I did want to understand editing. The course is perfect for me because it’s not focused on copywriting specifically, it’s about the entire field. There’s a bit of confusion about the word “copywriter” is regarded as an embarrassment, much like anyone who has a terrible writing style and is an badge hunter. But a commercial editor is not thought to cause shame, even though the essence is the same. It’s impossible to go in editorial and not write a single word.


I’ve set three goals: engage with my professors and get the most accurate information possible from them, and to complete more of my work in a productive manner while at the same time be fully immersed in the world of business. Skillbox is a program which teaches students to write, and do it in a professional manner as well as having great teachers, the courses have a friendly and welcoming community. I’m still in contact with my classmates and going through the lessons.


What did you specifically do to develop your abilities?

Practical and theoretical. This is what I learned in my classes. Let’s say Alexander Amzin gives a many theoretical concepts and perhaps his theory on editing. This might not be applicable for those who are just beginning their studies, but I’m aware of the value of his lectures to build a solid foundation. He also gives specific suggestions, tricks and suggestions, for example following his suggestions that I stopped working on laptops and totally switched on to desktop computer.

It turned out to be simpler because the text is large and eyes aren’t tired as well as the monitor is sufficiently high, which means that the neck and back are at ease. On the laptop screen it is difficult to create each interview as and the version you’d like to edit properly after input from the writer. you have to strain and switch to different tabs. This isn’t a huge issue however the reality is that productivity can be affected by having to look at the screen. You are not able to work for long on a tiny screen.


I was also fortunate to have my teacher , Konstantin Kaminsky very skillfully and skillfully transformed negative criticisms into constructive feedback for my work. He was a wonderful instructor and helped me develop confidence in my ability to be successful in my field.


Did you try to find work while at school?


Yes. I started sending out resumes more often in response to various inquiries. I even sent resumes to companies I really want to work for to gain experience at interviews. However, there was no response. it didn’t matter since I eventually figured out the most effective way to get an interview. The job search, as many other aspects of life, is a straightforward funnel to market. The more you put into the upper reaches of your funnel, the higher chance you will have of a job opening.

In January, and during the Februrary month in 2020 I was invited for an interview after I received more than 150 responses. The company supplied all sorts of optical equipment produced from China as their own brands. They needed to develop items for the website. In the interview they required I to compose a quick description of the gadget, and then they placed me on the computer. They then gave me the gadget. They I sat for 15 minutes. I wrote down my notes, and then, after a few days, I got an email and was then summoned to go to work.


The very first day I was working, I realized that the process of creating product cards was a scam job that will not turn one into an editor or or an outstanding writer. It would be a long time of your life making cards. I was in the office on a day when, at the beginning of the day, before I’d even begun working, I called back to apologize, and told me that I would not be able to work. The pandemic was at full force.


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